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Vasseur Ecosystem Ecology Lab

The Vasseur Ecosystem Ecology Lab is home to a diverse group of researchers led by Dr. Liette Vasseur, Full Professor at Brock University and UNESCO Chair on Community Sustainability: From Local to Global. This dynamic research team includes core individuals (undergraduate and graduate students, postdoc fellows, visiting scholars, and volunteers) from the Department of Biological Sciences and the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre. The research team collaborates with other faculties and departments across campus. The focus of the lab is on sustainable ecosystem management and climate change adaptation. The research activities at the moment are on sustainable agriculture and climate change adaptation of agroecosystems, specifically vineyards. From the soil to the plants and all the organisms in between, we approach our research from an ecosystem and landscape point of view. We excel in exploring and testing new alternative solutions to present day challenges and understand the ecological mechanisms underlying the capacity of the ecosystem to respond to environmental and climatic stressors. An integrated approach is used to combine the various components of the ecosystem. Too often we forget how the social aspect of our world impacts the sustainability of the natural world around us and our aim is to foster integrative and inclusive research methods applications. We believe that diversity is our strength and strive to achieve this in all that we do.

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