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Brock Digital Library

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Being located along the Niagara Escarpment grants Brock University a special position within a designated UNCESCO Biosphere Reserve. Brock’s placement within the Niagara region surrounds it in one of the last regions in Canada where the Carolinian ecosystem can be found and where many species at risk are present. The region itself has undergone very few intensive biodiversity studies with specimen collections. The university, along with several local organizations, envisions itself as a leader in improving our understanding of plant diversity in the region and therefore aims at becoming the official specimen depository for the region. The establishment and registration of our herbarium, which includes collections dating back to the 1930’s, is an important step to engaging the international community. Begun as a summer project in 2015, Liette and her lab are formally tasked with overseeing and implementing all ongoing curation, preservation, and collaboration of the Brock University Herbarium.


Heather VanVolkenburg attending the Botany Conference in Rochester Minnesota. A group photo was taken from the Leveraging Digital Specimen Data and Derivatives for Herbarium Curation and Collections Management Symposium chaired by Andrea Weeks.

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